Coronavirus: New mum dies of COVID-19 in the UK without getting to hold her newborn son

Fozia Hanif and her newborn son.
Fozia Hanif and her newborn son. Photo credit: ITV News

A mum in the UK remembered for being "wonderful" and a "superstar" has died of COVID-19 before she got to hold her newborn son.

Fozia Hanif, 29, died on April 8 at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital after her son Ayaan was born prematurely six days earlier.

Hanif was forced to give birth early after contracting COVID-19 and her condition deteriorated, ITV News reports.

Because she had tested positive for the virus, all she could see of her newborn son were photographs.

Her husband Wajid Ali is remembering his wife as a "wonderful" woman.

"She always used to think about others she wouldn’t think about herself," he told ITV.

The family says they are supporting each other after being left "devastated" and "shocked".

Hanif was originally admitted to hospital in March after having a fever when she tested positive for COVID-19, the news station reported.

She was then released to self-isolate but was not long back in hospital on a ventilator when her condition started to deteriorate.

Her baby has not tested positive for COVID-19 but remains in hospital.

"We're still grieving, but we've got each other," said Hanif's dad Nabil. "We're holding each other, supporting each other. I've got other siblings, grandkids," he told ITV.