Coronavirus: New Zealanders aren't letting lockdown stop daily coffee habit

As a nation of coffee lovers, there are plenty of people who'd argue that the local café is an essential business.

But while the lockdown has forced the closure of great cafés and consequently great coffee, there's still hope for your daily caffeine fix.

Whether it's for a brew, a bagel or a discussion on the bigger things in life, heading to your local café for a coffee is an integral part of the Kiwi lifestyle.

And while the daily caffeine hit routine has well and truly been turned on its head, the demand hasn't.

"I really enjoy coffee - I don't think we could really live without it," one person told Newshub.

Some apartment dwellers aren't going to let a lockdown put a stop to their daily coffee and a catch-up.

Every day at 11am, Catherine Woodward and her neighbours gather on the balcony, all while staying within their bubble.

"I think we all sort of look forward to it, it's our one appointment in a day!" she told Newshub.

When the country went in lockdown 10 days ago coffee roasters were forced to suspend deliveries to cafés and close their online stores.

"I think there will be a lot of people missing their daily café flat white," Mike Murphy told Newshub.

"We've already had a lot of people getting in contact with us and trying to see how they can replicate that at home."

On Thursday the Government and MBIE made further changes to essential business terms, allowing companies like Kokako to continue online sales of coffee and giving Kiwis a chance to support local coffee roasters.

Perfecting a flawless flat white may be a crash course for many, but they can at least still capture the taste and experience of their local café - even in lockdown.

"Maybe we'll carry on post lockdown, who knows!" Woodward told Newshub.