Coronavirus: New Zealanders use lockdown to tackle fitness challenges

It's day 10 of lockdown and many of us are finding it hard to stay entertained and get enough exercise.

But some people are making the most of the time by challenging themselves to intense and unconventional workouts.

For some, lockdown might be the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing - but for others, cabin fever is running at an all-time high.

Cue Logan James, an Auckland man and father-of-three who's spending his Saturday morning running a marathon.

And not just any marathon, one that involves running loops around his house.

"Continuous loops is definitely not the most fun after a while," he tells Newshub.

"My yard's got a few, ya know, technical things. It's got a deck to jump over, a few pebbles and paving stones - so it's certainly not a walk in the park."

And if you thought that was a challenge, what about the Kiwi girl climbing up Mt Everest from her staircase?

UK-based Amy Jansen is using her time inside to climb the world's highest peak, which involves walking up her 15 steps 3872 times.

"A lot of people have thought that it was completely crazy," she says.

"I made a joke with my dad to see how far I could walk up the stairs. We estimated Everest was as high as I could go. I've never done anything like this, I've never done any endurance exercise."

Her motivation is to raise money for developing countries battling COVID-19.

Then there's Ryan Wolf who's hold running races against his dog in his backyard.

"Not sure how confident I am I'm going to beat the dog," he says.

As for our marathon runner, one time is enough.

"We're going for walks in our local neighbourhood but nothing stupid like this again," James says.

A little bit of Kiwi ingenuity going a long way - in this case 42 kilometres long.