Doctors warn against making homemade sex toys during lockdown

doctor saying no
Seriously, don't do it. Photo credit: Getty.

With at least a few more weeks at home looming with lockdown levels 4 and 3, many of us are getting pretty restless. We're all looking for ways to pass the time, with baking and home workouts on the rise. 

But apparently some of us are so bored and horny we're turning to desperate measures. According to research done in the UK, people are trying use rolling pins for activities other than baking sourdough.

Online marketplace OnBuy found there were more than 23,000 Google searches for 'homemade sex toys' across the UK in the last month, with people wanting to give various objects around their house a new lease on life. 

Dr Shree Datta, a consultant gynaecologist from MyHealthcareClinic, told the Mirror that making your own sex toys can come with huge risks. 

"I've been sent some research about people making their own sex toys at home during lockdown - using mobile phones for vibration, electric toothbrushes and cucumbers," she said.

"Whilst this is not uncommon, I would not recommend using make-shift sex toys due to the risk of infection and complications such as retained parts in the vagina.

"In some cases, women have had to attend A&E to remove plastic parts which have remained in the vagina, or with an infection where parts have been retained and they have not been aware they are there."

Her sentiments were echoed by licenced GP Dr Earim Chaudy, who told Metro that when it comes to sex toys and lubricant one should "always opt for tried-and-tested over homemade". 

"With homemade sex toys or sexy toys with dubious origins, you run the risk of coming into contact with toxic chemicals, [which can] produce reactions like burning, rashes, blistering skin, carcinogen exposure, allergic reactions, bacteria infections and so on."

Luckily many reputable online retailers are still offering professionally-made sex toys as an essential item to be delivered throughout lockdown. 

Kiwi online sex store Adult Toy Megastore reported a spike in sales of batteries, lubricants and sex toys last month as people readied themselves for the isolated weeks ahead. Other retailers like and also offer home delivery of adult products.