Grotesque model hints at what hardcore gamers could look like in 20 years

What gamers could look like.
What gamers could look like. Photo credit:

A grotesque model of what hardcore gamers could look like in 20 years has been created to warn people about the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The sculpture named Michael has a hunched back, red and irritated eyes, a dent in his skull and clawed fingers - all allegedly from gaming. 

Michael was created by an online gambling website to warn of the dangers of years of "hardcore" gaming.

He is said to be based on data from the World Health Organisation and in-depth research conducted by the company.

"From sleep deprivation and dehydration, to lack of vitamin D, digital eye strain and 'PlayStation thumb' - these are just some of the physical implications of spending hours online, in a gaming chair, away from sunlight and physical activity," reads the website. 

In order to save yourself from looking like Michael the company recommends regular movement away from a computer screen, as well as spending time outside and eating a balanced and healthy diet. 

The World Health Organisation does recognise gaming addiction as a disorder but has not provided any physical characteristics that could be caused by it.