'How to Dad' sparks fierce online debate about cutlery drawer

cutlery drawer
Do you arrange yours the 'right' way? Photo credit: Getty.

An age-old debate has reared its ugly head again after a Kiwi social media star laid down the law on cutlery drawers.

Parenting blogger Jordan Watson, known online as 'How to Dad', posted an image of his cutlery drawer on Facebook on Friday, writing that anyone who didn't follow his configuration "had to go''. 

"Don't be an animal - it's knives, then forks, then spoons. There is no other way #cutlerychat," he captioned the post. 

In an additional comment he explained his justification, writing: "In most households knives are always used more and thus should be first in line - roaring to go."

The post quickly racked up over 11,000 likes and 10,000, with commenters passionately debating the layout in the comments. 

Many disagreed with Watson's sentiments. 

"Forks, Knives and Spoons - just like you'd lay them out when setting the table," wrote one woman in the most popular comment, which garnered almost 2000 likes.

"And what about [us] left handlers? Are we nothing to you?" Watson challenged the comment, revealing his left-handedness might contribute to his favourite configuration. 

Other commenters agreed with the woman. 

"Omg some crazy person does this at my work! However I also disagree with you. It's forks, knives, spoons," wrote one person. 

"This is all wrong and is messing with my head. Forks / knives / spoons," wrote another.

"No, it's spoons followed by forks and THEN the knives thank you very much,"challenged another. 

"What one EARTH is wrong with you total bunch of numpties? Why the hell would you put the knives on the left in the drawer when at the table you hold your knife with your RIGHT hand?" wrote one passionate woman. 

"Put the knife and fork in the drawer as you would lay them on the table (forks left, knives right - that way when you take them out the drawer they're the right way round). Then spoons go to the side. 

"Honestly, I despair for mankind. I had no idea so many people got this simple concept so wrong!"

However, expert Elain Maytom - senior showroom designer at Freedom Kitchens - told Home Beautiful there is a proper way to do it

"Most people intuitively work from left to right," she said. "If you prefer to lay everything out the way you would a table setting, then go for it - forks on the left, followed by knives with blades facing inwards (or to the left), followed by spoons."

What do you think the correct way to order a cutlery drawer is? Let us know in the New Zealand's Greatest Foodies Facebook group.