KFC agrees to give one Kiwi a year's worth of free fried chicken after The Edge Facebook post

The Edge Facebook post free fried chicken for a year
Fried chicken fans, have we got a treat for you. Photo credit: Facebook: The Edge/KFC NZ.

Fast-food giant KFC has spontaneously agreed to give away a year's worth of food to one lucky fried chicken-lover after a Facebook post by a MediaWorks radio station. 

On Tuesday, The Edge asked on its Facebook page: "KFC, how many likes to give away a year's worth of KFC once lockdown's over?"

The official KFC Facebook page, which has over 55 million followers, responded in a comment, saying "We'll make it easy on ya".

"How about 11,000 likes. That's 1000 for each one of our secret herbs and spices." 

The response to the Facebook post soon surpassed expectations, racking up 24,000 likes from hungry New Zealanders - over double the amount required. 

So launched the radio station's virtual treasure hunt, 'Fried and Seek'.

"We’ve hidden a KFC stash somewhere in the country, and we need you to track it down, from the safety of your home, of course," The Edge website reads. 

Clues revealing the stash's location will be revealed on-air, with details available here

The response shows how much Kiwis are missing their favourite takeaways, with homemade versions of KFC and McDonald's going viral on social media throughout the lockdown. 

In a cheeky move, the official KFC Facebook page even stuck the boot into fellow fast-food giant Burker King, after the announcement it was going into receivership. 

After one commenter wrote "Burger King come on! Oh wait...", the Facebook page replied, "[don't worry] about them lol we good on this side."