Minister's insanely awkward solo performance at wedding goes viral on TikTok

couple on TikTok who's wedding minister began singing during ceremong
The couple say they were in "pure shock". Photo credit: TikTok/@_olivia_mancuso_

The horrendously awkward moment a US couple's wedding minister "went rogue" and began singing during their ceremony has been captured on film in one of the greatest wedding TikToks of all time. 

Olivia Mancuso posted a snippet of her wedding video on the social media app, explaining in voiceover at the beginning: "So me and my husband's minister went off script during our ceremony and this is what happened". 

During the ceremony, the celebrant cranks into a spontaneous solo performance, to the obvious shock of the couple.

Although they somehow managed to keep from laughing throughout the vows, their facial expressions are particularly enjoyable to watch. 

The clip has racked up over 1.5 million views on TikTok, with Mancuso and her husband posting a follow-up video to answer some of the questions they received from amused viewers. 

"The question we got the most was how did we not laugh," Mancuso revealed. "Honestly it was pure shock - we had no idea it was going to happen." 

"The second question was 'did we pay her', yes we did, we paid her $450 efore the ceremony."

"Plus parking," her husband cut in.

"Yeah plus parking, what the f**k!" Mancuso replied. 

Mancuso revealed that despite her being very "specific" about the ceremony, the minister went "completely rouge". 

"All of our guests came up to us after the ceremony and they were like 'how about that singing' and 'what the f**k was that?'"

"We literally can't be serious about anything so we were mad for a second but honestly it's hilarious... it got us to go viral on TikTok."

The couple also revealed the minister retired right after their wedding, so other couples need not worry about a similar event occurring.

Commenters on the viral video couldn't get over the awkward moment. 

"This happened to my cousin. It was a Justice of the Peace who sang 'What's Love Got to Do With It',' one person revealed. 

"How did you keep a straight face? I would have been crying," wrote another.

"Is this an episode of The Office?" questioned another.