Nationwide flour shortage as home baking makes a comeback

First it was toilet paper, then bread, and now flour is the hottest commodity on supermarket shelves.

Home baking is making a comeback during the lockdown and the key ingredient is flour - if you can find any.

"I've heard from family all over the country that they've been looking for flour and that it's totally not available in any of the supermarkets," Lou Bentley says.

The shortage is countrywide - everyone, it seems, is making homemade bread.

"So we're in lockdown here in Akaroa and at the moment our life is revolving all around baking at home," Bentley says.

Chelsea Winter has renamed her beer bread recipe 'lockdown loaf' - it uses beer instead of yeast - another product in high demand.

Flour mills are at maximum capacity, producing, packaging and delivering products as fast as they can.

Foodstuffs confirmed baking products are popular, with huge volumes of flour and yeast going out the door. Countdown is limiting customers to two packets of flour at a time.

If you are struggling to find flour at your local store, chef Annabelle White has come up with an alternative - pikelets.

"It's super simple, it's dead easy, it hardly has any sugar in it and there's not much flour in it," she says.

One week down and three or more to go in the lockdown, plenty of time to perfect your bread making and baking.