NZ wellbeing app Thinkladder's new initiative to help Kiwis struggling with mental health during COVID-19 lockdown

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A New Zealand wellbeing app is supporting the surge in Kiwis suffering psychological symptoms through the COVID-19 lockdown.

Thinkladder creators have brought together over 75 mental health professionals from around the world to create tools to help take care of mental health.

The first of the new topics to be released is on social and physical distancing, which covers isolation, unexpected change, information overload, social responsibility and boredom.

Thinkladder CEO Mark Gatt says they got the idea from seeing a lack of mental agility that's required for social distancing and decided to get help from professionals around the world.

"Right now, social media is saturated with helpful content, which is great, but rather than highlight one expert's point of view, we wanted to curate content from experts from all around the globe and have that content easily accessible," he said. 

"Our subconscious mind is a powerful thing, and in these moments of stress, it can expose feelings and behaviours that we are not used to dealing with."

Cognitive therapy is used in the Thinkladder app, which is a process where a person identifies automatic thoughts that trigger unwanted feelings and specific insights are then given to help them "rewire" their brain.

"While there are other therapy and mental wellbeing tools out there, Thinkladder's focus is specifically on providing a self-awareness experience to help individuals discover the subconscious beliefs that could be fueling distress during this time." 

Over the next few weeks, more topics including loss of employment and grief will be released on the app.