Survey reveals 'cheese on toast' is most popular pandemic lockdown snack

cheese on toast
Comforting and delicious. Photo credit: Getty.

If you're anything like me, the COVID-19 lockdown has been marked by one thing - food. Looking up recipes, cooking, baking and eating have all been high on my list of hobbies, especially without a whole lot else to do.  

I'm not alone. Social media has been full of everyone's kitchen creations from freshly made sourdough to banana bread and sweet treats galore. 

But according to a survey conducted in the UK, people's favourite lockdown snack is something much less Instagrammable - the humble yet mighty dish known as cheese on toast. 

Researchers from banking app Raisin polled more than 2000 people across the UK and discovered the foods which have kept people going. Cheese and crackers, salt and vinegar chips and biscuits all ranked highly. 

Cheese on toast took the number one slot with 22 percent of people calling it their go-to edible boredom buster.  

It would be safe to assume Kiwis may have had similar snacking habits, given our love for cheese and bread in this country.

I'm not an expert on a lot, but I would consider myself an expert on cheese on toast and I can safely assume the comforting nature of the snack would have been behind the high consumption during these uncertain times.