The best skincare to give yourself a glow-up during the lockdown

woman getting facial at spa
With all that free time, why not give yourself the ultimate at-home spa treatment? Photo credit: Getty.

COVID-19 has rattled us to our core. For some, it's taken away employment prospects, preferred living arrangements, day-to-day routines and the ability to be the dancing queen at our local dive bar in the early hours of the morning. 

But it can never take away our beauty rituals. 

It can't touch my serums and I won't let its infectious blueprint near my La Mer Tonic Toner. It can strip me down, leave me beaten, bruised and bored, but COVID-19 is doing wonders for my skincare. 

This peculiar period is your skin's moment to shine - despite nobody being able to see it. With your ample free time, why not create and practice beauty routines that ameliorate your epidermis. Set up an at-home spa, go all Emily Weiss on your bathroom's top shelf and pamper yourself silly - at least until this shitstorm is over. 

Below are my top beauty product picks for the best possible at home spa experience. 

Peter Thomas Roth, Pumpkin Enzyme Mask.($60.00)

A cult favourite, this is an AHA party on your face. Once topically applied, the mask exfoliates your skin using enzymatic, chemical and physical properties for a fresh, radiant and rejuvenated appearance. You will feel a slight tingling sensation, that's the party!

The Ordinary Peeling Solution ($7.25)

Like many of you, TikTok has become a new source of endless scrolling. I've already lost hundreds of hours to the app, without anything to show for myself, apart from stumbling across this vampire-like facial product. The Ordinary's AHA 30 percent and BHA 2 percent Peeling Solution is doing loops on TikTok. It promises to improve the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and dull skin in a mere ten minutes. It's also the perfect Instagram photo opp. 

GLAMGLOW, Bubble Sheet ($16.00 pm)

It's the little things during isolation that bring us the most joy. It's the fact there's a sheet mask on the market that literally bubbles upon application, like a bubble bath for your face. The black bamboo charcoal sheet is infused with a micro bubbling cleanser that slaps you right across the face and demands complexion. Best used in the bath, with a bottle of red wine and Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' on repeat. 

Emma Lewisham, Correcting Serum ($148.00)

Good god, I love a Kiwi beauty brand. Emma Lewisham's Correcting Serum has reached cult status (no surprise) because it's a no-nonsense 100 percent clean serum that does exactly what it says. With just two pumps you can combat years of sun damage and noticeably reduce pigmentation within weeks of consistent application.

Face Gym, Pure Lift Face ($499.00)

Vibrators are on the rise, but this is where your money should be spent. I love this outrageously expensive skincare tool. I'd eat pies for a month to be able to brag that the Pure Lift Face lives on my top shelf. The lifting tool stimulates your skin's muscles using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), the rollers visibly tighten your skin's elasticity and leaves you with a rejuvenated appearance in just ten minutes. Take all my money. I'd also recommend following Face Gym's Instagram, for complimentary at home facial massage techniques you can practice during this uncertain time. It's weirdly satisfying to watch and easy to do all by yourself. 

OLE HENRIKSEN, Goodnight Glow Sleeping Crème ($101.00)

You can tell from the accent above the 'e' this Crème is fancy. When COVID-19 first started wreaking havoc, I thought it was all a bad dream. Wake me up! Now it's just reality and often I look forward to my dreams in which COVID-19 isn't trying to take humanity to the cleaners. Why not fall asleep with the nicest Crème on your face? This Crème deeply hydrates your face, targets dark spots and has a strong dosage of bakuchiol (plant-based alternative to retinol) which stimulates cell-rejuvenation while you sleep. 

Glossier, Super Dew ($24.00)

Yes, I am in fact one of those millennials who waits for hours outside Glossier pop-ups. Why? Because I'm a sucker for marketing, especially pastel marketing that makes me feel pretty. Super Dew is hands down the best product Glossier has released to date. I have this new hobby of adding random people on the viral app 'houseparty', in search of finding my isolation boyfriend, I always make sure I apply two pumps of this oil serum hybrid for optimum glow and mating opportunity.

Mario Badescu, Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater ($21.00)

Who doesn't love a facial spray? They're so boujie and completely unnecessary. 

Trilogy, Vitamin C Booster Treatment ($44.99) 

This little pocket rocket is so cute. I've been using Trilogy's Vitamin C Treatment for a year and it's noticeably improved my complexion and skin's radiance. I glow, baby. Due to oxidation, use it within 30 days of opening and always keep it out of the sun. 

Liam Sharma is a freelance writer and skincare enthusiast.