The lockdown closet clearout you should do this weekend

woman sorting wardrobe
Get ready for the day you have to put on jeans again. Photo credit: Getty.

Look, we get it. Right now the only clothes you have on rotation are track pants and a jumper, sans bra - apart from maybe throwing on a blouse for that weekly Zoom meeting. 

If you're not in the mood to get dressed only to stay at home all day, fair play! But why not use ANZAC weekend to sort out your wardrobe, so you can be all ready to leave the house when we eventually reach level 2 (please). 

By binning that 'statement' jacket you haven't worn in three years, or those jeans you might fit in "one day", you can focus on creating a hardworking wardrobe which minimises pesky 'what to wear' worries - remember them?

Part one: Sort it out

Start small 

It's an overwhelming time, so don't go dumping your entire closet out only to walk away because it's all too much. Sort your sock drawer first, weeding out tired pairs of socks that have lost their mate, working your way up to gym gear, pyjamas and so on. Eliminate the pieces that are too tired, never get worn or don't fit until you feel like you're on a roll.

Find your favourites 

Pull out the 10 pieces that you'd be sad to let go of and set them aside. Now, using the remainder of your wardrobe, create an outfit to go with each of these. Usually, a favourite top will have a go-to pant pairing so you don't want to lose any of the items that make these outfits - they'll likely be pieces you wear often too, so are worth holding onto. You should now have about 8-10 'go-to' outfits that you love and can always rely on.

Tackle the rest

Go through in categories (dresses, knitwear, tops, pants, jackets etc)

With each category you want to sort into piles: 

  • Things you wear all the time - back in the wardrobe they go
  • Things that need fixing - put aside for repair after lockdown or give home mending a go 
  • Things that you never wear, don't fit or don't suit you, they've got to go. Donate to the Salvation Army, Dress for Success, Women's Refuge or another charity in need when lockdown lifts
  • Things you never wear because you don't know what to put them with. Put aside and try working them back with your favourites (refer to point two) or see if they perhaps need one of the below wardrobe foundations to make them work

Now it's time to put everything back that's made the cut. Colour coding is a great way to organise your wardrobe, making it super easy to find things (plus it's very aesthetically soothing). If your drawers are a little cramped we recommend Marie Kondo style folding - despite the fad associations it really does help, trust us.

Part two: Closet champions 

Now it's time to make sure your wardrobe has at least one each of the 'closet champions'.

These items are the foundations of a great everyday wardrobe which can be worn a heap of ways and make getting dressed easy.

  • A great blazer, denim or bomber jacket. If you're not sure where to start, you can't go wrong with a classic black blazer like the Witchery Back to Work Blazer. If your style personality is a bit bolder let it show with bright colour or print 
  • A pair of ankle boots that you can wear all day and night. Try the Merchant 1948 Henry Chelsea Boot for a fresh take on the classic that looks great with jeans, skirts or dresses 
  • A classic T-shirt that fits you really well. There are no rules when it comes to T-shirts. Knot over your favourite dress, pair with shorts, wear under an open shirt - just find one you love and get experimenting with how to style it. 
  • A slip skirt for all occasions. Ketz-ke's Slink Skirt pairs perfectly with a tee and sneakers for weekday cool, or team with heels and a nice top for evening glam (even if the living room is the destination)
  • A great dress, jumpsuit or co-ord. This one is less about pairing back with other pieces but having a one-and-done piece you can throw on and feel great in
  • Jeans or denim that suit your shape - this one really comes down to your body type and finding your perfect fit, but embrace a trend with the LEO+BE Wide Leg Jean 
  • A great shirt. Whether it's form-fitting or borrowed from the boys, a classic shirt is a wardrobe must-have. French tuck into jeans, wear open over a cami, or team with skirts, shorts or with a suit
  • Knitwear - living in New Zealand means layering is essential, so a great knit or two will do the hard work for you when it comes to braving four seasons in one day. Opt for a classic shape like Witchery's V Neck Merino and choose a colour that works with your existing wardrobe palette 
  • A great fitting pair of pants - it sounds simple but having a pair of pants that fit well and aren't jeans is often overlooked. Wide legs like the Superette Cove Pant are still having a moment and look equally great paired with sneakers or dressed up. Otherwise, opt for a classic Slim Cropped style
  • Coat or rain jacket. Outerwear is an essential part of every closet to protect your outfit from the winter elements. Depending on your lifestyle you can either show off your style personality with a fun fashion coat or opt for function in a classic raincoat (though there are fashion options in that realm too) 

Now you'll be ready to hit the streets in style - when the time comes. Until then, kick back on your bed in your pyjamas with a cuppa and smugly take in all your hard work - you're a productive superstar!