TikTok hack reveals how to make easy crème brulée with three ingredients

three ingredient creme brulee
Who needs to go out to a restaurant? Photo credit: Getty.

Social media has brought us some amazing recipes and cooking hacks throughout lockdown, including the fluffy Dalgona coffee which swept the world and one man's widely celebrated method for creating his own KFC chicken. 

Now the world's attention has been caught by a three-ingredient crème brulée which is so easy, you'll never want to shell out $20 for one at a restaurant again.

All you need is vanilla ice cream, eggs and sugar.  

The recipe doesn't even call for a blowtorch - your stovetop, microwave and oven work just fine. 

TikTok user Shefshaq shared the crème brulée method, adapted from this easy Tasty recipe. 

He explains in the video that vanilla ice cream has all the ingredients usually needed for a typical brulée - cream, salt, sugar and eggs. 

By melting the ice cream in the microwave and whisking in the egg yolks, you create the crème brulée base. From there, you bake in the oven at 160C for around 45 minutes, before refrigerating for a couple of hours. 

Once they've baked and cooled, caramelize sugar on the stovetop and quickly pour on top. This leaves a hard shell - just like a regular crème brulée. 

Bon appetite!