Woman shares simple trick to make a bottle of milk last longer during lockdown

glass of milk
It's no longer quite so easy to pop out for a bottle of milk, but one woman's trick might help get rid of wastage. Photo credit: Getty.

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe and Aotearoa in lockdown, little things are now much harder to do - like popping out to pick up a bottle of milk. 

This is especially true of the elderly population, who are being warned to stay indoors as they're particualrly vulnerable to the disease. 

But one Australian woman has shared a simple trick that allows a single bottle of milk to go much futher and prevent wastage. 

Danielle Chapman says by pouring milk into ice cube trays or bags, you can simply pop one out into your hot coffee or tea as required. 

She shared a photo on Facebook, where it quickly racked up over 1500 likes and 40,000 shares. 

"What a fab idea," one user commented. 

"Brilliant!" added another. 

Danielle encouraged people to share the hack on social media. 

"If this helps any of our local elderly residents then please share away," she wrote. 

"One is enough for a cup of tea or coffee - so they dont have to defrost a full bottle of milk which may go to waste. This can save them money as well as not have to go out so often to get fresh milk."

Daily Mail reports that adding a dash of salt or bicarbonate of soda will reduce the bacterial activity in milk - but it's probably nicer to freeze it than to add salt to it.