Aussie mum shares amazing TikTok hack for easily cleaning the microwave

microwave cleaning hack
No scrubbing required with these easy trick. Photo credit: TikTok.

Cleaning the microwave can be one of those niggly kitchen jobs that always gets overlooked - scrubbing out stuck-on food and steam stains is just something some of us can never be bothered with. 

But one Aussie mum has shared a genius hack which streamlines the whole process. 

TikTok user Mama Mila uses just two ingredients to quickly clean her microwave, meaning no harsh chemicals or sprays are needed. 

According to Mila, all you need is one cup of water and a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Mix them together and place your cup in the microwave for four minutes.

Let the mixture sit for another four minutes before removing it, then easily wipe down the inside with a soft cloth. 

The steam melts off any stuck on stains or marks, meaning there's no scrubbing necessary. 

She added a note in the comments to warn viewers that evey microwave has a different wattage, so the time needed may vary on different microwaves. 

"Four minutes is the right time on my microwave, but you may need to adjust the time accordingly to suit yours," Mila explained. 

It's not the first hack to be brought to us by TikTok. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown people have been whipping up delicious recipes they've seen on the social media app, and one woman shared a genius hack for clipping her dog's toenails.