Australian mother finds $5, heartwarming note inside baby formula

Tillz Siofele found the note and $5 in a tin of baby formula.
Tillz Siofele found the note and $5 in a tin of baby formula. Photo credit: Facebook/Tillz Siofele

An Australian mother says she was moved to find $5 along with a heartfelt note inside a tin of baby formula.

Brisbane-based Tillz Siofele had her husband go out to buy milk powder last week, and she opened it days later to find the handwritten note and money inside.

The note said: "Enjoy this little something. Happy wealth Wednesday."

"I saw a note and thought 'this is strange'. I unfolded the note and there was a $5 note clipped to it," Siofele said, according to the Courier Mail.

Her husband didn't know anything about it and was baffled by the gesture. She then posted a photo of the note and shared it on Facebook, hoping to find out who left it.

Commenters suggested it was local Susanna Lucy, who has left small surprises in groceries before.

Siofele said she was going to return the favour because it was a "lovely" gift to receive.

"We don't need it but we can pay it forward, and the next person might need it."

Lucy has since confirmed it was her who left the note, saying she often leaves anonymous gifts to try and make someone's day.

"There's not enough of that sort of stuff that happens. I get a lot out of it too obviously," she said.

She targets parenting items because she knows something simple like $5 can improve a person's day.