Coronavirus: Dr Ashley Bloomfield reveals no new cases of COVID-19 - and one new haircut

New Zealand may not have recorded any new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday but one new thing was Dr Ashley Bloomfield's haircut.

The Director-General of Health has been trusted with New Zealand's response to the pandemic but perhaps didn't trust his wife behind a pair of hair clippers - like Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern trusted fiancee Clarke Gayford to dye her hair at the weekend.

As is the case, Dr Bloomfield arrived at Wednesday's press conference with a fresh lid, knowing he was about to deliver Kiwis with more good news - another day of no cases.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield sporting his new haircut at Wednesday's press conference.
Dr Ashley Bloomfield sporting his new haircut at Wednesday's press conference. Photo credit: Getty

He looked somewhat like the Dr Bloomfield we met when the COVID-19 crisis first unfolded and many of us didn't have a clue who he was.

As the pandemic continued and New Zealand's case numbers began to skyrocket, the freshness faded. Noticeably tired and longer was Dr Bloomfield's hair. Now a cult hero, it even made national news when Dr Bloomfield finally took a day off in late March.

But as New Zealand's cases have dropped, Dr Bloomfield's freshness returned. When the news of our first day of zero cases came in earlier this month, he admitted even being able to let out a big smile.

So it seems fitting Dr Bloomfield sports a new haircut. It's a new start for New Zealand which is starting to, remarkably, come out the other side of COVID-19 while so many countries still find themselves deep in a health crisis. So much of that is down to one man, and his fresh haircut.