Coronavirus lockdown: Police warn public to behave or face prosecution as nightlife returns

For the first time in eight weeks, Friday night drinks were back on at bars.

But police are warning patrons to play by the level 2 rules or risk being prosecuted.

Last night was Friday night fever - everyone ready for a night on the town.

"It's good to see everyone having a good time," one person told Newshub. "Oh yeah, it'll be a big night."

A good night for punters perhaps but bar owners are still concerned about a lack of cash flow caused by social distancing limitations.

"The 100 person capacity is still a bit of a limit, the venue behind us can easily handle more than 100 people while still keeping them spaced out," Lawrenson Group operations manager Graham Walker told Newshub.

"It would be nice to see that lifted sooner rather than later so we can see these people having a bit more fun."

But for now those restrictions remain in place, with police reminding everyone to follow the rules.

"[Police will be] highly visible in our communities and will continue with reassurance patrols and visits to many businesses," Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers told Newshub.

"Serious or persistent breaches of current restrictions may result in enforcement action."

And that enforcement was needed just metres away from Auckland's popular party zone of K Rd on Friday night where one man was seriously assaulted and left in a critical condition.

All the more reason for police to send that swift message to be on your best behaviour if you're wanting to enjoy Friday nights to come.