Fridge or pantry? Cadbury finally settles the great debate on where chocolate should be stored

woman eating chocolate
Are you a fridge fan or do you have a penchant for the pantry? Photo credit: Getty.

In our house, bringing out the after-dinner sweet treat often leads to a squabble - we agree that chocolate is the correct flavour, but it's the storage that can cause divisions. While I'm a fridge girl through and through, my partner always leaves chocolate in the pantry. 

It's just about led to a split - until now. 

Confectionary giant Cadbury has revealed the right way to store chocolate is not in the fridge as many argue, but in the pantry. 

The Australian chocolate brand settled the debate once and for all on Twitter, after Aussie Bruno Bouche shared a post about which food products should and shouldn't be stored in the fridge. 

The controversial image put chocolate, eggs, butter and soy sauce in the pantry, while coffee, olive oil and peanut butter all appeared in the refrigerator. 

"The 100 percent accurate and definitive list of what does and does NOT go in the fridge. Don't bother commenting, this isn't up for discussion,” Bouchet captioned the post. 

Unsurpringly, the tweet caused an eruption of replies.

"Chocolate needs to go in the fridge and the peanut butter needs to go in the pantry cause it's too hard in the fridge," one person wrote.

"Been a fan for a while but I guess it's time to unfollow," wrote another. 

The argument led to Bouchet asking Cadbury directly for their thoughts - and the response was definitive. 

"Hi Bruno. Chocolate should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as a cupboard or pantry at temperatures less than 21C (69.8F) to ensure the quality isn't compromised," the company confirmed.

While that should have been the end of the matter, others still took issue with the confectionery producer's claim. 

"They do everything backwards in Australia," one person replied

"Agree to disagree, Cadbury," wrote another. 

If this chocolate-eating journalist may step in, I'd suggest the exception to Cadbury's rule would be my personal favourite chocolate - Whittaker's Coconut Block. Kept out of the fridge it's a soft and melty mess, but straight out of the fridge it has perfect consistency and mouth-feel. 

Try it, and get back to me.