How to support local for Mother's Day

How to support local for Mother's Day

This year Mother’s Day on Sunday May 10 comes at a time when we’re heading out of lockdown and starting to get back into everyday Kiwi life.

It’s a great time to thank your mother for all she’s done, and to treat her to some well-deserved beauty.

Research has found flowers are not only beautiful, but they genuinely help to heal and nurture.

Seeing the simple beauty in flowers during family bubble walks helped us to get through the lockdown, and gave us a sense of wellbeing. But having them to appreciate in our own homes is even better.

How to support local for Mother's Day
Photo credit: Sarah Gualtieri Feel Good With Flowers

Feel Good With Flowers is just the place for you to arrange for some locally grown flowers to brighten up your mum’s day.

Local flowers are fresher due to the fact they aren’t being flown in from other countries. But more than this when you buy local you are supporting New Zealand growers and their businesses, and you’re actively helping the industry to thrive.

Feel Good With Flowers actively supports getting Kiwis to support their #localflorist with #nzflowers

You can go online here and find a local retailer. Then you can order your Mum some beautiful locally grown flowers to be delivered to her door. 

Feel Good with Flowers
Photo credit: Rebekah Howell Feel Good With Flowers

This will be a slightly unusual Mother's Day for many with a lot of retail shops still closed. However a great idea is to give your a mum a voucher so she can support her favourite local business, and get the gift she loves. A win-win for everyone.

SOS stands for Support Our Small Businesses. A team of hardworking Kiwis have set up a website to support small local New Zealand businesses, cafes and restaurants. 

The idea behind this not-for-profit initiative is to throw a lifeline to local businesses who have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic in New Zealand. 

This is bascially a rescue scheme to help the small businesses try to mitigate the disastrous consequences of Covid-19, by setting up a way for their regular clients and supporters to buy vouchers for future products. Buy the voucher for mum now, when these places really need the cash, and she can get the services later when this whole Covid-19 is a bad memory.

Click here, pick your local area and you can buy a voucher now and redeem from your local later. 

Get a Mother's Day Gift card and support local businesses at the SOS Business website.
Get a Mother's Day Gift card and support local businesses at the SOS Business website. Photo credit: SOS Business

And another initiative that grabbed our attention and could be great for Mum is - an online farmers market with lots of Kiwi artisan products mum might enjoy. 

We think Mum will be happy with anything she gets this year, but why not treat her with flowers or a voucher while supporting local Kiwi businesses as they endure the COVID fallout? They need your support more than ever!

This article is created for Feel Good With Flowers.