Husband brings date nights to wife's hospital window as she awaits birth of son

Bob Conlin and Shona Moeller.
Bob Conlin and Shona Moeller. Photo credit: GoFundMe

After almost two months hospitalised on bed rest, an American woman's day-to-day life is pretty uneventful - but at least she never misses out on her weekly date night.

Mother-to-be Shona Moeller, who is currently 28 weeks pregnant, has spent six weeks at a Chicago-area hospital awaiting the birth of her first child. After Moeller's water broke prematurely 20 weeks in, she has been on bed rest to keep her pregnancy on hold for as long as possible for the health of her son. 

Due to the healthcare centre's strict no-visitation protocol under the COVID-19 restrictions, husband Robert Conlin is unable to be with Moeller in hospital - but that wasn't going to stop their tradition. In a bid to keep the romance alive, Conlin brings their weekly date night to her window, complete with flowers, food and FaceTime.

As reported by Good Morning America (GMA), Conlin will order takeout from the couple's favourite restaurant. He will have his wife's meal delivered to her room, while he enjoys his on the pavement below, complete with a table, handmade signs and sometimes candles. The two will then FaceTime as they eat. 

Conlin, 45, told GMA the date nights provide a "little glimpse of some normalcy" for his wife, who was "really surprised" by his efforts when he first showed up outside the hospital.

"In this time where I'm by myself, every gesture feels so monumental and lovely and sweet," Moeller, 41, said to the outlet. "It felt like he had travelled the world to come see me because it meant so much."

Conlin's place on the pavement has become somewhat of a refuge for the expectant dad, who will sit there on a lawn chair to be as close to his wife and son - to be named Forest - as much as possible. He'll often hold up signs such as 'Proud Papa' and 'Protect our Forest' for his wife to see.

Nurses at the hospital recently surprised Moeller with a woodland-themed baby shower when they found out hers had to be cancelled.

The couple has started a GoFundMe to help cover the medical expenses associated with Moeller's stay.

Conlin is allowed to be in the delivery room when Moeller goes into labour.