Jacinda Ardern reveals realities of 'mum life' with nappy cream-stained jacket

Jacinda ardern nappy cream
Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford are parents to one-year-old Neve. Photo credit: Getty/Instagram.

Ahead of Mother's Day this coming Sunday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed that even the country's most powerful woman can't be spared the realities of mum life.

The PM shared an Instagram post on Tuesday with a close up of her pink jacket lapel, stained with nappy cream.

"Why is it only when you are the furtherest you could possibly be from a change of clothes before you notice that you have nappy cream on you?" Ardern captioned the post. 

"I'll spare everyone the details."

Fellow mothers were quick to jump into the comments, reassuring Ardern that it "happens to the best of us".

"It's usually my baby's grubby fingerprints," wrote one mum. 

"Lol algs aunty it happens to the best of us," wrote another. 

It's not the first time Ardern has shared some of the intricacies of balancing her job and parenting one-year-old daughter Neve. Last month she revealed to The Breeze radio station that toilet training was not exactly on track in the Ardern/Gayford household. 

"We don't speak about that," she revealed. "We might have gotten a little ahead of ourselves there. But we're taking advice from [psychologist] Nigel Latta that during this period - nobody should be too hard on themselves."