Kiwi Reddit user recreates New Zealand with emojis

Kiwi Reddit user recreates New Zealand with emojis
Photo credit: Reddit/MathGoggles

A crafty Kiwi has made a map of New Zealand out of emojis that represent different cities and towns throughout the country.

Reddit user MathGoggles uploaded an image of their map much to the delight of other users, who said they liked seeing which emoji represented their area.

Many of the emojis are linked to large novelty statues in small towns which relate to the area and its identity. It includes Ohakune's big carrot, Morrinsville's cow statue and Alexandra's big clock. But because there aren't emojis for everything, there's no gumboot for Taihape or a beehive for Wellington.

Many Reddit users complimented the creator, saying it was a "very creative" and "awesome" map. Some also suggested the map creator could make some money by putting their design on a T-shirt, but they'd have to "be very careful" with the licensing since they used Microsoft's emojis.

"This is so cool. I'm definitely on board with the T-shirt idea," one user wrote.

The map designer MathGoggles says they referenced New Zealand's big statues, forestry maps and where the most sheep and cows are to make the map.

"This was inspired by other emoji maps I have seen online. It took me a few evenings to do," they say.

Other emoji maps include Air New Zealand's emoji journey of Aotearoa, and a Reddit user who recreated South Korea with emojis.