Mum scolded for sending son to school with healthy quinoa pancakes

healthy pancakes and fruit in lunchboxes
Sophie Guildolin tried to explain the pancakes were made from protein-rich seed quinoa, but was still told they weren't allowed in lunches. Photo credit: Getty.

A wellness expert and mother of four claims she was scolded by her eldest son's teacher for sending him to school with healthy pancakes. 

Sophie Guildolin, creator of training and nutrition app The Bod, has a 480,000 strong following on Instagram where she shares photos and videos of her workouts and healthy recipes. 

But the Australian mum recently revealed on podcast The Unstoppable that she had a run-in with the teacher of her son Ryder, after she put sugar-free quinoa pancakes in his lunchbox. 

According to Kidspot, the teacher recommended a white bread sandwich with jam or Vegemite would have been more acceptable.

"I sent him to school one day with pancakes, which were made out of quinoa, and they had no additives, no sugar, no nothing in them... but he wasn't allowed to eat for the day," Guildolin revealed. 

"I got this letter home from school and it was what they were allowed to eat. It actually said a white bread sandwich with jam or Vegemite... it had a red mark on it that basically said 'you're a bad mum you can't bring these to school'."

The wellness expert said even upon explaining they were made from quinoa - a seed which is a healthy source of protein - the school stood by its decision. Healthy muffins were also reportedly shamed.

Now Guildolin sticks to wraps, which she says seem to suit everyone. 

"I use the rye wraps and the boys haven't complained! If you are really short on time or meal prep, buy a roast chicken and use that meat rather than the processed, packaged stuff," she says.

"I have a variety of rotations we use. Chicken and salad wraps mean my boys are getting protein, vegetables and carbohydrates in their wrap."