Mum slammed for baby's long, diamante-studded fake fingernails

baby's fake nails
The baby's nails were almost as long as her fingers in the picture. Photo credit: Reddit.

A lot of us are looking forward to getting back into our beauty treatments when COVID-19 alert level 3 lifts, but one mother might have taken it too far. 

She's been slammed online after sharing a snap of her infant daughter's hand adorned with huge diamante-emblazoned fingernails.

Although it's unclear where the photo originated from, it was shared on Reddit thread 'Trashy', which is dedicated to "trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic and no-class". 

In the snap, the baby's tiny hands are almost as long as the fake nails, which are covered in glitter and the Louis Vuitton logo. 

"Wtf?" the Redditor captioned the image. 

Many commenters were horrified.

"I'm concerned this baby will poke her eye out. Toddlers are dumb. I can already see the shitshow as mom peels these off," wrote one person. 

"I didn't realise what was wrong until I saw the hand," another added.

"This is how your child gets hurt," a person said.

"Has this person never been around an infant before? They poke and prod every hole and orifice on their body."

But others dubbed the response an overreaction, saying the mum was just having a laugh.

"They're temporary press on nails, probably just for a silly pic if mom does nails," wrote one person.

"I feel like half the post on this sub are (in this case) overreactions or making fun of poor people," another agreed.