Revealed: Chef's hack for creating perfect mashed potatoes

mashed potato cooking hack
If you're craving warming, delicious mash, you have to use this hack. Photo credit: Getty.

As the cooler weather starts to hit, many of us will be turning to those delicious, warming comfort foods synonymous with winter. 

One of my favourites is mashed potatoes - there's nothing better than tucking into a roast with mash when it's raining outside.

I never thought there was much of a science to it - boil potatoes, add salt and copious amount of butter and milk, mash away. Right?

But one Aussie chef has proven how wrong I was with his amazing hack of soaking the skins before cooking. 

On his popular TikTok channel 'Nickos Kitchen', Nicko Rob reveals that once you've peeled and boiled the potatoes, mash them through a sieve to get all the lumps out, before mixing in the butter. 

But instead of discarding the potato skins, let them simmer in milk in a saucepan over a high heat for two minutes, allowing the flavour from the peel to infuse with the liquid.

Only then do you mix the milk into the mash, resulting in potatoes "creamy, smooth and packed with flavour".

The video has racked up over 10,000 views from home cooks. 

It's not the only cooking hack made popular with TikTok during the lockdown. One user showed us how to create a creme brulee with only three-ingredient, while another invented the bizarre but delicious 'pancake cereal'.