Same-sex Auckland couple both pregnant, due within 12 days of each other

lesbian couple both pregnant
The couple on the exciting day they discovered Taryn was also pregnant. Photo credit: Instagram/ 2 Bumps Same Love

In odds said to be slimmer than winning the lottery, a same-sex Auckland couple has discovered they're both pregnant at the same time and are due just 12 days apart. 

After undergoing home-based artificial insemination, Taryn Cumming is eight weeks pregnant, while her fiancée Kat Buchanan is ten weeks. 

The pair, who have been together for two years, told Stuff they discussed having children "from the very beginning" of their relationship, but wanted to wait until the end of 2020 to start the process. 

In a video on their new Youtube channel '2 Bumps Same Love', Cumming says she had a "gut instinct" to check their fertility, including their hormones and AMH levels (egg stores). 

When their results were found to be a little low for their age, their doctor recommended they try and get pregnant as soon as possible. They were given a time frame of six months to a year. 

Taking matters into their own hands and finding a donor on social media, the pair say they assumed they would both attempt to get pregnant and when one woman was successful, the other would stop trying. Then the other partner would carry the next baby, from the same sperm donor. 

But things didn't quite go to plan, after both women attempted multiple inseminations at home over the course of several weeks in March. 

"We found out Kat was pregnant and a week later, to the day, we found out I was pregnant," Cumming revealed. 

The doctor said it was such a rare phenomenon, they would have had a better chance of winning Lotto. 

Buchanan and Cumming are due just 12 days apart - on November 28 and December 10, respectively. 

"It's crazy," Cumming told Stuff. "We're very excited." 

The couple plan to keep followers up to date with their journey on their YouTube channel, offering advice and support for others going through a fertility journey.