The Warehouse is selling Easter chocolate for just 1 cent

Time to get 100 Easter eggs for just $1.
Time to get 100 Easter eggs for just $1. Photo credit: Supplied

The Warehouse is selling all of its remaining Easter chocolates for just 1 cent each. 

Because of the level 4 lockdown, the retailer was stuck with thousands of Easter eggs. As a result, all of its remaining Easter chocolates are on sale. The special applies to all remaining Easter goodies regardless of size or brand which means for $1 you could pick up 100 Easter eggs. 

But there's a catch, the sale is only available in store. 

People are making the most of the sale with one person posting on social media saying they picked up "a trolley load of chocolate for under a dollar".

Another person said they planned on bulk buying chocolates and giving them away to friends and family. 

But not everyone got in quick enough with a few people commenting that everything was sold out at the stores they visited. 

"Damn, nothing in Wellington," one person said. 

"I was just at Sylvia Park and there was nothing left. They did have a trolley full of these chocolates behind one of the counters but there was a long receipt on it. Maybe someone cleaned it up," another person said.