TikTok hack reveals easy way to soothe teething baby's gums

baby's teething ring
The gamechanging video has had over 2 million views. Photo credit: TikTok/The Mommy Academy.

Parents everywhere know that when a baby is teething, you'll try just about anything to soothe their gums. Unfortunately the old 'whisky on the bottle' trick is pretty outdated now - for very good reasons - so many parents turn to expensive salves and toys. 

But one social media star has come to the rescue, showing an easy and cost-effective way you can calm your little one's mouth. 

TikTok user Janey, who goes by the title 'Mommy Academy', offers tips on children's speech, cognition, sleep and nutrition on her channel, which has almost 35,000 followers. 

In a viral video that has been watched over 2 million times, Janey shows that to create an easy frozen teething ring, you only need a baby washcloth and some water. 

In a step-by-step tutorial, she begins by dampening the clean cloth with cold water.

Next, she rolls it up and places it in a muffin tray. 

She then places the tray in the freezer for up to half an hour before giving one of the frozen washcloths to her teething child.

Janey recommends only leaving the cloths in the freezer for 30 minutes maximum, to avoid freezer burn. 

Despairing parents took to the comments to thank her for the game-changing hack. 

"Thank you! My baby is about to pop a couple of teeth and this will really help!" wrote one mother. 

"This works wonders," another wrote.

It's not just babies who may benefit from the hack. If you're a teen or adult rocking braces, the frozen clothes may help soothe the gum irritation that comes with it.