Woman's hack for cooking 'mind-blowing' roast beef splits internet

roast beef using coke and mushroom soup
Commenters raised eyebrows at the unorthodox recipe. Photo credit: Facebook.

With the weather becoming decidedly cooler in the last few weeks, many of us will be turning to comfort foods appropriate for winter like delicious roasts. 

But one woman has shocked the internet with her "mind-blowing" unorthodox roast beef recipe, which she says results in "easily the best roast" she's ever made. 

Sharing her recipe on the Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips Facebook page, home cook Andrea Laureano claims the secret to making juicy roast beef is bunging it in the slow cooker with a can each of Coke and mushroom soup, seasoning it with dry onion soup mix and then cooking it for 12 hours.

Laureano says she's tried "at least nine" different recipes to create the perfect roast beef but none compare to the soup and Coke method, which has now become her "go-to, never-look-back, make-once-a-week-miracle".

"Mix the soda and soup together [in the slow cooker]," she instructs. "Put the roast in (2-3 lbs, well-marbled is best) then sprinkle the seasoning packet on top of the roast. I flip it halfway. The longer you can roast the better. I do 12 hours on high."

But if you're looking for a lower sugar option, be warned. The home cook said she once tried to use Diet Coke, and "it was disgusting". 

Commenters were split, with some praising Laureano's ingenuity and others slamming the idea of putting Coke and mushroom soup over a cut of beef. 

"Look at that lovely piece of beef, I know I'll pour loads of diluted sugar all over it. Not for me thanks," wrote one commenter 

"Why the sugar-loaded drink? More dental bills," wrote another. 

"Looks intriguing, I'd love to see it once it's cooked," wrote another. 

Others pointed out that beer is often used as a marinade and also contains sugar, meaning the Coke option was not as unusual as it may seem.