Australian model crowdfunds more than $8000 to remove breast implants she says are making her sick

Shannon Hottes.
Shannon Hottes. Photo credit: Instagram

An Australian model has crowdfunded more than $8000 to remove the breast implants she says are making her ill.

Shannon Hottes, 31, says she's suffered a range of "random unexplained" illnesses for the last four years including chronic fatigue, migraines, insomnia and chronic pain.

Doctors could not find the source of her ailments and Hottes is now convinced her implants are making her sick.

Hottes underwent breast enhancement surgery early in her modelling career, and went on to feature in Zoo magazine and the Underbelly TV series.

She says at first she didn't want to get her implants out. 

"I didn't like the idea of having them removed to solve my problems, so at first I went into getting tested for every other illness," she told 9Honey.

"Now, almost four years later, I'm certain it's my implants and now the only option is to remove them."

According to breast implant illness (BII) or autoimmune inflammatory disorder induced by adjuvants is a term used by women and doctors to describe the onset of illness following surgery.

 BII symptoms can include joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, memory and concentration problems and sleep disturbances.

In many cases symptoms are resolved after the breast implants are removed. 

Hottes says finding a surgeon willing to remove her implants has been a struggle.

"My surgeon believes in breast implant illness, and that is rare because not a lot of surgeons do. So to have someone making you feel safe and validated in your feelings is important to me," she says.

To cover the costs of her surgery, scheduled for 3 June, Hottes set up a GoFundMe which has raised more than $8000 of the total surgery cost which is $11,400.

She thanked her contributors saying she's "speechless" at their generosity.