Australian teen left with a face 'like a rectangle' after cosmetic procedure

Sofia Marroquin was left with a rectangular face after a cosmetic procedure.
Sofia Marroquin was left with a rectangular face after a cosmetic procedure. Photo credit: TikTok

A 19-year-old Australian was left with a face "like a rectangle" after she underwent a cosmetic procedure to remove fat in her jaw.

Sofia Marroquin shared a video on TikTok showing her rectangular face and her family and friends' reactions to her procedure.

"So just got some lovely needles into my face. My family has absolutely no idea what I've just done and I'm about to get their reaction," she said in her video.

Her dad gasped and said, "oh my goodness", while her mum deeply sighed and said, "oh Sofia".

Marroquin's sister ran throughout the house laughing, and her sister said jokingly, "I'm scared".

Her video has gone viral and has racked up over 3.7 million views and nearly 310,000 likes.

In a follow-up video, Marroquin explained she gets a rectangular face from temporary swelling after Kybella treatment, where injections are used to reduce fat under the chin.

"I didn't purposefully make my face look like a rectangle. I got a treatment done called Kybella, which removes fat from the lower part of your face. 

"Lots of people get it in the lower neck area to remove a double chin, but I got it in my jowls area."

Marroquin said her "really fatty" area covers her jawline, and she wanted it removed so it looked and felt better.

She uploaded another video explaining the swelling only lasted for 48 hours.

"On the third day, when I woke up, it went down and kept getting better and better. Now, after a week, it has basically gone back to normal."

She added she knew her face would swell following the treatment, but didn't think it would be as bad as it was.