Baby poses with KFC chicken, chips in twist on 'cake smash' photoshoot, triggering trolls

Baby eating KFC in photoshoot
Baby Mia munches on some chicken and chips in the adorable photoshoot. Photo credit: More Than Words - Photography by Kayla Frizzell.

The 'cake smash' photoshoot has become a very cute birthday tradition for many parents in recent years - you've probably seen pics of babies smashing their way through fistfulls of pastel cake on your social media feeds.  

But one Australian mum has given the trend a bit of a twist, instead photographing her one-year-old daughter digging into a bucket of KFC chicken. 

Kayla Frizzell, a Victoria-based professional photographer, put her skills to good use to mark little Mia's birthday.

The adorable photos show Mia licking her fingers as she munches on some chicken and chips, and posing with the bucket in a tiny bath. 

"If you know me, you know I LOVE KFC so it was only fitting to swap a cake out for some chicken!" Frizzell captioned the post. 

"Turns out she loves KFC and doesn't love to share it, haha!"

But Frizzell soon copped some nasty backlash, with trolls writing now-deleted comments criticising the shoot and one-year-old Mia's love for chicken. 

Frizzell was forced to add an edit to her post. 

"After receiving some horrible messages about my daughters 'size' I would like to add that she is perfectly healthy and very well fed," she wrote. 

"The KFC is for prop purposes only, and her father and I enjoyed eating it all once the shoot was over.

"Please keep the negative comments to yourself." 

Fellow mothers chipped in to show their support for the twist on traditional cake-filled shoot. 

"People will always be very judgmental and negative, unfortunately they can't help but try and spread that negativity around," wrote one woman. 

"You have a wonderful family and it shows. Your daughter must have had so much fun. Your amazing work shows the talent you have."

"People wouldn't care if you let her shove fistfulls of sugary cake and dyed frosting in her face, but gods forbid she get to nibble on a french fry and a piece of chicken for a photo shoot," another woman pointed out. 

"So amazing! I love this. She's perfect and I want to have a KFC and mashed potatoes 31st birthday shoot," wrote another.