Bride slammed for posing next to 'Brides Lives Matter' sign at wedding

bride next to brides lives matter sign
"This very well may be the worst thing I've ever seen," wrote one person. Photo credit: Reddit.

A bride has been slammed online for posing next to a sign reading 'Brides Lives Matter' in a move some people are calling the "worst thing" they've seen on the internet.

The photo was shared into a popular wedding-shaming subreddit by user Funnygal1224 who captioned the post: "I didn't know people could be this tone-deaf".

In the photo, the white woman wears a wedding dress and poses next to an outdoor tent which has the words "Brides Lives Matter" inscribed in black and white hearts. 

The sign is, of course, a reference to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, which hopes to "build power to bring justice, healing and freedom to Black people across the globe" and was reignited this year after the killing of US man George Floyd by police officers.

Commenters on the bride's post were in sheer disbelief at the "tone-deaf" and "extremely self-centred" move.

"I think this very well may be the worst thing I've ever seen on this sub," one person commented. 

"Oh god finally someone is standing up for that oppressed group in society, the brides, who have to live their lives in fear every single day," wrote another person in a clearly sarcastic comment. "Thank god for this one brave soul, speaking up for the lives of brides everywhere!" 

"Way to read the room. Not like anyone could possibly perceive this as offensive right now," another wrote.