Countdown claims it's the first supermarket ever to call pads and tampons 'period products'

The supermarket is changing it's online sales first.
The supermarket is changing it's online sales first. Photo credit: File

Countdown says it will be the first supermarket in the world to use the word "period" when describing tampons, pads and menstrual cups.

Countdown is ditching phrases like "feminine hygiene" in an effort to reduce stigma around menstruation  - at least online. 

"Words like 'personal hygiene' and 'sanitary products' give the impression that periods - which are an entirely natural part of life - are somehow something to hide to yourself, or that they're unhygienic," general manager for corporate affairs, safety and sustainability Kiri Hannifin said on Friday.

"They absolutely aren't, and we can play an important role in helping change that."

As well 'period products', incontinence products will now be listed online under the name "continence care" and products previously described as "intimate hygiene" will be found under "genital washes and wipes".

The change will begin on Countdown's online store, but Hannifin says the supermarket is looking to revise how it can change its in-store wording too.

"The more we can help bring these terms into the open, and call them what they are without having to use euphemisms, the better it's going to be for our customers and future generations."