DeLorean-inspired car for sale on Trade Me

Attention Back to the Future fans - a DeLorean-inspired time-machine car is on the market for the second time.

Complete with LED lights, dashboard clocks and Back to the Future accessories, the Trade Me listing has had plenty of interest.

But there's something slightly different about this DeLorean - it isn't one.

Seventeen-year-old Will bought the Back to the Future DeLorean-inspired car - really a 1997 Mitsubishi Diamante - earlier this year with two of his friends.

They picked it up from the previous owner at a petrol station in Huntly.

"My mate sent me the listing on Trade Me, and was like 'look at this, we need to have this' and I was like 'yes we do'."

The best part? He didn't need to make any modifications. The Mitsubishi had already been fully kitted-out for a charity car rally.

And although it doesn't have quite the same time-travel capabilities as the DeLorean in the movie, Will says the silver sedan still gets plenty of attention.

"Everyone always yells out at me at the lights, 'Doc!'"

That won't be for too much longer - Will has relisted the car on Trade Me. He just wants the top bidder to get as much fun out of the car, as he has.

"Love it or hate it, I'm sure you'll still look at it!"