Facebook launches 'Manage Activity', allowing bulk archiving or deleting of historical posts

Facebook has announced the launch of a 'Manage Activity' feature which will allow the deleting or private archiving of pretty much everything users have ever done on the platform.

It'll be handy if you suddenly want to remove all photos of you and an ex, or delete all evidence of just how passionate a fan of Kanye West you once were.

It's the latest move from the social media company trying to regain public trust after several privacy controversies, most notably the Cambridge Analytica scandal which exposed the personal data of nearly 64,000 New Zealanders.

Users will be able to use Manage Activity to delete posts from their activity log, in bulk or one-by-one, or archive them so they aren't deleted but can't be seen by anyone else.

It will "curate your presence on Facebook to more accurately reflect who you are today", the company says.

"To make it simpler to manage lots of posts at once, Manage Activity lets you view and manage your posts in bulk," says Facebook.

"We've also developed filters to help you sort and find what you're looking for, like posts with specific people or from a specific date range."

The function will be rolled out on mobile from June 3 before moving to desktop at a later date. 

"We'll continue building new functionality for this tool to ensure it meets people's needs to manage their digital footprint on Facebook," the company says.

The Manage Activity announcement comes just days after Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg faced a 'virtual walkout' by staff over his decision to leave up posts by Donald Trump that suggested protesters could be shot.

Twitter opted to hide Trump's message behind a warning that it "glorified violence" amid ongoing demonstrations following the killing of unarmed, handcuffed black man George Floyd by police officers.