Foodies prepare yourselves: Ben and Jerry's launches indulgent new ice cream 'burger'

ben and jerry's ice cream burger
It might just be their most indulgent creation yet. Photo credit: Supplied.

If you're one of those people that has no problem chowing down on ice cream in the depths of winter, kudos to you. You're going to be very excited about a new addition to the menu at Ben and Jerry's while the rest of us might just wait until spring. 

The ice cream giant announced Monday the launch of its most "decadent but messiest ice cream ever": the Impossible To Eat Burger.

The limited-edition creation is made from a sweet brioche bun, Biscoff spread and crunchy waffle pieces which make up the lettuce and tomato found in 'traditional' burgers.

The burger 'patty' is a large scoop of ice cream topped off with hot fudge or caramel sauce - it's definitely one you're going to need to be hungry for. 

We get that the name is funny and all but seriously - how do you eat it? Speciality gloves, perhaps? 

The indulgent burger is the first in a series of special creations inspired by New Zealand's favourite fast foods which will be available on the menu in selected Ben and Jerry's stores in the coming months. 

A new scoop store recently opened in Auckland's new Commercial Bay precinct.