Fully-compostable cup makes takeaway coffee guilt-free

It's no secret that Kiwis love their coffee, but every year more than 300 million takeaway cups go to landfill in New Zealand alone.

But there's now a solution with the introduction of fully-compostable cups to the market.

Meet the guilt-free takeaway coffee cup promising to break down in your home compost bin in a matter of weeks.

"I personally put it in my own domestic compost bin and it went in just over three weeks. I've also put it in seawater and just again over three weeks it just dissolves," says Glopac general manager Chris Thomson.

Developed in Scandinavia, the cup is now available here. It's simply made of paper but with a water-based membrane.

While there are many other products on the market that say they're recyclable, what makes this cup and lid different is that they're not lined with plant-based plastic which means it'll break down anywhere.

And there's proof. A time-lapse shows the cup and lid breaking down in a home compost bin in just weeks.

For cafe Barefoot Eatery, adopting the new cups was a no-brainer in its fight for a sustainable business.

"So it's just that next step for us and when it became available we were like 'yip, doesn't matter what it costs' because if it saves the earth then that's a saving for everyone," Barefoot Cafe's Katie Ross says.

And if you're concerned it'll dissolve in your hands, think again.

"Feedback has been great. It holds the heat really well, it doesn't fall apart on you when you kind of use it which some people have been worried about," William Ross says.

A cup to soothe the conscience of eco-friendly coffee addicts.