Hospitality industry hoping for level 1 lifeline announcement on Monday

Music and sports venues across the country could be thrown a much-needed lifeline on Monday if the Government announces a move to alert level 1.

Hospitality has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and the move would see restrictions on all gatherings lifted.

And after 16 days straight of no new COVID-19 cases the outlook is good.

Delaney Davidson won New Zealand's Best Country Music Artist for 2020.

He's looking forward to moving on from level 2 after being confined to playing concerts through his mobile phone.

"After a show you get a real buzz from all the energy and it's really strange turning off the phone and you're in your lounge looking at the couch," he tells Newshub.

Musicians around the country are hanging out for level 1 so they can start playing to crowds again.

"It'll be huge, people are posting it's been three months since they last did a show and it's such a part of your identity being a musician," Davidson says.

Music venues will be one of the major winners if the country moves to level 1 this week with singing and dancing back on the menu.

Davidson's first gig is at Lyttleton's Wunderbar, an iconic live music venue in Christchurch where things haven't been easy.

"There's virtually nothing going on and it's not just the small music venues, it's the big guys as well. We're hearing phone calls all the time, they're really struggling," Wunderbar's Alexander Wallace says.

The hospitality industry across the board has been one of the hardest hit from COVID-19, their businesses shut during one of the busiest times of the year.

Now the weather is getting colder when even in a normal year business slows right down.

And cracks are starting to show.

"Heading into winter, it's the tough time, for everybody - we've missed those two to three months of awesome spend," Wallace says.

"It's been tough times and I think we're going to see a lot of tough times going ahead too," adds Mark Sullivan, from Sullivan's Irish bar.

At Sullivan's Irish Bar, customer numbers are well down and level 2 has been hard work.

"It's still very labour intensive, we have the register that needs to be monitored, we have people being seated and then being served," he says.

Sports stadiums are also hoping to get the green light under level 1. The Blues has told its members to pencil in next Sunday at Eden Park, pending tomorrow's announcement.

Others will be shining up their shoes for the dance floor.