How to care for your skin after a workout

Working up a sweat in the gym can can positively affect our wellbeing in so many ways, but it's important to know the effect it can have on the skin.

So what happens to your skin after a workout and how should you treat it?

Once you start to cool off, you stop perspiring and the sweat dries up, leaving salt behind alongside the lipids - a thin film of residue over your skin. 

The residue is a perfect environment for natural skin bacteria to multiply, so it is important to have a light wash after exercising to remove the salt and oils and stop the spread of these skin bugs. If they multiple around hair follicles and inflamed pores, they can lead to acne-like spots developing.

However, going overboard and showering too frequently can also be harmful.

If you over-cleanse the skin, removing too many of those lipids - which are part of the body's natural skin defences - can lead to irritation and dehydration.

Limit your washing to once a day, avoiding harsh soaps and shower gels or scrubbing the skin too roughly.

Try to time your exercise to match normal washing times.

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