How to warm up to apricot when decorating your home

  • 08/06/2020
apricot wall behind couch
Resene apricot colours warm up girls bedrooms. Photo credit: Resene

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This decade has seen people start to move away from the cooler colours which have previously dominated the decorating world, and make room for warmer tones in their hearts and homes. 

While this is a trend that can be witnessed across the entire spectrum, there is no colour which has gone through a more evident transformation than pink.

But it's not a journey that's taken place overnight.

Formerly the 'it' colour, over the last two decades the aptly named 'millennial pink' has been everywhere from home interiors to company branding. A delicate true pastel that offers a balanced tone, it was easy to understand why it was so popular. 

Fast forward a few years and 'desert pink' took its place among the top trending hues, bringing with it much more warmth. This sunset shade, thanks to its dusted nature, made it the ideal fit for other hot earthy hues like terracotta and silvery sage greens. 

Over the past year, lavender and lilac began springing up in small ways - mainly accent cushions and other minor accessories. 

While none of these variations have vanished, we've begun to see another trend make its mark. Apricot is starting to make its way onto the décor scene.

apricot little girls room
Apricot tones can add warmth to any room. Photo credit: Supplied/Resene.

Incorporating warm apricots into your interior colour scheme is easier in some ways than truer pinks. While understated, it still provides a splash of colour and fun energy to a room - but it's easier to pair with a wide range of colours.

Try these ideas for bringing this warm and welcoming winner inside.


The anchor of any room, walls are arguably the most important element for setting a colour palette and achieving an emotional impact. To incorporate warm apricot paint colours like Sandy Beach, Romantic, Beethoven or Tacao, consider using them as an accent paired with walls in darker pinks like Coral Tree or pink-reds like Crail, Sunglo or Hot August to create a warming, desert vibe.

Pair apricot walls with classic blue accents for a Mediterranean twist.
Pair apricot walls with classic blue accents for a Mediterranean twist. Photo credit: Supplied/Resene.

Warm apricots also work incredibly well with the 2020 Pantone Colour of the Year - Classic Blue. Try Half Resolution Blue, Space Cadet or Aviator for the best examples of the trend. The combination of these two contrasting colours creates a calming space reflecting palettes commonly used in Mediterranean interiors. 


Major pieces of furniture in warm apricots are a hit. You can easily transform items you already own, or otherwise look for new or second-hand furniture that can be quickly sanded back to make way for a fresh lick of paint. Simply wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth to remove the dust, prime them with one to two coats of sealer, then apply two topcoats of waterborne enamel tinted with Resene colours like Wax Flower, Cornflower or Japonica. 

Items like coffee tables or dining tables can inject some necessary life into a living space, and statement chairs in shades like Romantic or Tacao will be an eye-catching addition to any lounge. Alternatively, if you have warm apricot walls, buffets and sofas in mid-blues and creamy whites will make for a soft and cheerful scheme.

Décor and accessories

Accessories and decorative elements are an easy way to incorporate pops of warm apricot hues in your home. Cushions, throws, vases, bowls and picture frames are affordable and easily changeable, depending on your commitment to the colour palette. Try pairing a grey or white sofa or duvet with cushions in apricot. Or you could paint a console table in Resene Soothe with a large vase in Tacao and some smaller elements painted in rose gold metallics for an elegant, feminine look.

Apricot accessories are an easy way to incorporate warmer hues, without a drastic change.
Apricot accessories are an easy way to incorporate warmer hues, without a drastic change. Photo credit: Supplied/Resene.

The beauty of warm apricot walls is that they bring cosiness and levity to your space, so adding some darker accent colours to contrast and anchor the room will really make your apricot walls pop. Photo frames stained in dark wood will compliment warm apricot walls nicely. Framed artwork that has a bold, warm colour palette will echo the warmth on your walls or go for striking achromatic pieces in Nero and Alabaster to bring some real drama to your living room. 

However you use apricot, it's guaranteed to warm up your home, making a comfy and cozy space ready for the cold days of winter. 

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