New research reveals most commonly misspelled words on Google

Potato is the fourth most misspelled word.
Potato is the fourth most misspelled word. Photo credit: Getty

"Separate" was the most misspelled word on Google last month according to data which analysed searches from across the world.

The most common misspelling is "seperate" which was searched 92000 times in May alone.

The second most bungled word was "zucchini" often spelled "zuchini".

Interestingly "potato" is fourth often being spelled with an unnecessary "e" on the end.

The full list is 

1. Separate

2. Zucchini

3. Questionnaire

4. Potato

5. Diarrhoea

6. Definitely

7. Embarrass

8. Conscience

9. Unnecessary

10. Bureaucracy

11. Manoeuvre

The research was conducted by The Knowledge Academy in the UK, and is based on Google searches carried out over the last month by users across the world.

The data also reveals the most common misspellings for each word. 

Words such as embarrass and necessary are often spelled wrong due to their tricky repeated letters. Others such as manoeuvre and bureaucracy are just downright confusing. 

Rounding out the 11-strong list is 'definitely' which has common misspellings including 'definately', 'definatly' and 'definitley'.