New special edition McLaren has Kiwis dreaming

We might be heading for a COVID-19 recession, but that hasn't stopped McLaren unveiling its special edition Senna LM car to mark 25 years since its epic Le Mans win. 

If you're a lover of luxury fast cars, this one has all the added extras. It's fast, it's furious and it comes with a hefty price tag to boot. It's the world's first post-COVID-19 car launch.

This orange Senna LM is one of only a handful in the world and it marks two important McLaren milestones.

"It's 50 years since Bruce McLaren passed away but it's also the anniversary of McLaren winning Le Mans," says McLaren brand manager Luke Neuberger.

It's been 25 years since the company's road car won and took out four of the five top spots at Le Mans. So, it's no surprise plenty of the features pay homage to the past.

From the iconic shade of Bruce McLaren orange to the speedline-style wheels and the classic four-pipe exhaust.

"It's built as a tribute to that McLaren F1 and the F1 is like the crown jewel of McLaren road cars. It's a pretty special car for us in little old New Zealand to get a hold of."

If it's bling you're after well it's got that too. The engine is shrouded in 24-carat gold.

It sure is a car with all the bells and whistles and although Newshub can't take it for a test drive, we did have a chance to turn it on. 

If you're wondering how much one will set you back, well you're looking at upwards of $2 million, but it didn't stop some punters from daring to dream.

"Student loan won't pay for a McLaren LM unfortunately," said one person.

"If I had the money, if I won Lotto," said another. 

"Maybe one day, not right now though," said a third. 

If you're wanting to hit the pedal to the metal, it's certainly got the speed.

"0-200 in 6.8 seconds. This is a car that's gone out to some of the most famous tracks around the world and just blown the existing lap times," said Neuberger.

Now all you have to do is just win Lotto first division, twice.