Parents slam school for setting 'funeral planning' homework during COVID-19 pandemic

school children funeral
"Where would you like your body to be buried? Your ashes scattered?" were some of the questions on the form. Photo credit: Getty.

UK parents have voiced their outrage after a group of 13-year-old children were asked to plan their own funerals as a homework assignment during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to The Sun, the religious education homework was given to year eight students at a catholic school in Leicester. 

Mother Gemma Marston posted a photo of the assignment sheet on Facebook, writing: "Anyone else feel that getting them to plan their own funeral is a bit too much? Or am I being over the top?"

Questions on the funeral-planning form included asking the children to pick their signature hymn, which flowers they would want and their favourite type of coffin. 

"Where would you like your body to be buried? Your ashes scattered?" the final question on the form reads. 

funeral activity homework
A UK mother posted the homework assignment to Facebook. Photo credit: Facebook/Gemma Marston via The Sun.

According to the Daily Mail, other parents chimed in on the post saying they would be "livid" if their children received the homework assignment, especially during a pandemic which has seen over 450,000 deaths worldwide. 

"Yes, kids need to start understanding death but at least discuss this with the parents first! And homework? Does that imply a lesson was as taught on this?" one parent questioned. 

"'This is disgusting especially seeing as we are in a pandemic and thousands are dying,'" wrote another parent. 

A teacher also chipped in, saying she wouldn't do the activity as "some children can be very susceptible to ideas about death and funerals". 

"You don't always know if one of your pupils has had a recent loss and this sort of thing can be very triggering for pupils."