Patrick Gower pokes fun at chef Nadia Lim over recipe font sizes

Patrick Gower has poked fun at celebrity chef Nadia Lim over the font sizes used in her recipes. 

The celebrity chef and My Food Bag co-founder joined The Project on Monday to discuss her new charities ventures. But during the interview, Gower mentioned he had branched out and given one of Lim's subscription food boxes a go, and struggled with the recipe due to the size of the font. 

"I had a crack at one of your recipes from the Fresh Start box and I'm probably taking a huge risk here, because you're one of New Zealand's most loved figures, but I did find the font size was a little small", Gower quips.

After having a giggle, Lim gets back at Gower with, "Hey that might be because of your age Paddy", to which he throws his hands in the air and beams with a broad smile.

Lim was discussing her most recent charity venture - fundraising for Women's Refuge and Youthline through sales of her lockdown produced 'Comfort Kitchen Cookbook'.

The chef raised $405,000 to give to her chosen charities before the cutoff closed on Friday June 12. 

Lim said the charities are close to her heart, especially as New Zealand emerges out of the pandemic. 

"I think it would be so hard to be a young person in today's topsy-turvy world and I think it's so important that we have that support there for them," she said. 

But if donating to charities and writing a book during lockdown is not enough to win you over, she also whipped up a 10-minute eggless chocolate cake for the hosts to enjoy after finding out she would be on the show.