Scottish mother 'speechless' after receiving letter from neighbour criticising 'non-stop' noise from toddler

toddler playing on floor
"If you continue allowing the child to run non-stop the agent will be contacted." Photo credit: Getty

A Scottish mother says she was "extremely upset" by an anonymous letter from a neighbour reprimanding her toddler's "non-stop stomping". 

The unnamed hotel office manager, who has a 16-month-old son, tells Edinburgh Live she and her husband had moved to a new part of the city after job complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But soon after moving into their new apartment, the couple received an anonymous letter from one of their new neighbours.

After initially thinking it was a welcome letter the woman says they were left "speechless" when it turned out to be a telling off over their "loud" child. 

"If you continue allowing the child to run non-stop day/night the agent will be contacted," the letter reads, according to a photo shared by Edinburgh Live. 

"It's very loud and that's surely obvious on flooring - as is the stomping!

"There's two apartments below - please have some respect it's not fair especially after 12-hour shifts."

angry letter from neighbour
The woman says she and her husband were "speechless" upon reading the angry note. Photo credit: Edinburgh Live.

The woman says they were shocked and "extremely upset", especially because the accusations are "not even true". 

"He sleeps all night from 8pm till 7am and we have been literally out almost all day on our first week," she says. 

"The tone of the letter explains what type of person they must be but it's clearly a very outrageous thing to do to send an anonymous letter through our door instead of simply knocking on our door while respecting social distance."

The woman says she's sharing their story so people could "rethink their actions and be kind to each other". 

It's not the first angry letter from a neighbour to hit headlines in recent months. A UK nurse said she was stunned after an "idiot" neighbour left an abusive note on her car during the pandemic lockown, telling her she was "selfish" for leaving to go and care for patients each day.