Single mother moved to tears by generous envelope of money left in new car

envelope of money left in car
The woman says she only found the envelope of money after driving away. Photo credit: Facebook/Jen Wilis.

A single mum says she was moved to tears by a generous random act of kindness, discovering an envelope full of money tucked into the visor of a second-hand car she bought. 

Posting on public Facebook group 'The Kindness Pandemic', Aussie woman Jen Willis says as she's now in a single-parent household, she was forced to sell their two cars and privately purchase a second-hand Subaru Outback off a local man. 

But upon driving away and pulling down the sun visor, a white envelope containing three AU$50 notes fell into her lap. 

"This is a random act of kindness," the note on the envelope read.

"Please use to spoil your family in a way that makes you happy.

"I just felt it in my heart to do for you, in what sounded like a challenging time for you."

Wilis wrote in her Facebook post she "teared up instantly" at the "incredible thoughtfulness". 

"I now only needed one car for my boys and me, and because I also have MS (multiple sclerosis), I also wanted one that was going to be easy to drive as well," she told

"I also shared that our little boy had not been well - we thought it may have been quite serious, but thankfully it's not, and that I also worked full-time, and so was under a lot of pressure and so having the car part of working out my new life was just such a relief."

Wilis says the man who sold the car and left the money was "a lovely guy in his 60s, a very genuine person". 

The post has racked up almost 10,000 likes, with commenters saying the amazing gesture lifted their spirits.

"What a beautiful human being," one person wrote

"Some people are so kind and thoughtful. Enjoy and thanks for sharing this beautiful story," wrote another. 

According to the Facebook group's description, it was set up in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, "because so many people need acts of kindness right now; and so many others want to hear stories of kindness".