The two-second hack job hunters need to know to get their resume past keyword robots

The CV Store has revealed a new hack to help job seekers, but it comes at a cost.
The CV Store has revealed a new hack to help job seekers, but it comes at a cost. Photo credit: Getty Images

Adding excess keywords to your resume in white font could be the secret to scoring a job interview, according to a blog by The CV Store.

When candidates upload a resume or cover letter to a website, many companies use applicant tracking systems to identify potentially successful applicants.

Automated algorithms scan the uploaded documents for keywords, removing the need for recruiters to read applications manually.

White keywords are hidden from human eyes but will be picked up by automated scanning software, increasing an applicant's chances of scoring an interview.

But the hack comes at a cost.

After progressing through the recruitment process, a human recruiter will likely read your CV. 

According to The CV Store, many recruiters are aware of the white font tactic. To expose the hack, in some cases recruiters can simply click 'select all' and change the font to black. 

The CV Store founder Lee Tonge says being dishonest can significantly harm future job prospects, as applicants can instantly lose all respect and credibility.

Instead of trying to trick application systems, Tonge urges job seekers to use search engine optimisation techniques, including adding hyperlinks to examples of your work and social media profiles.

Explaining your achievements in quantitative amounts by using dollars and percentages will also help to make a CV stand out.

Applicant tracking systems are becoming increasingly common, with over 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies using the software in 2018.

Tonge says the systems aren't perfect, as resumes using text boxes, unique formatting and lots of colour can prevent the perfect candidate from being considered.